Dare to Take on the #Runningpiadas?

Did you know that the first African athlete to win a race in the Olympics did so without shoes in 1960?

Did you know that the youngest participant of the Olympics was Dimitrios Loundras, at only 10 years old in 1896, and the oldest, Oscar Swahn at 72 years?

Did you know that this year is the first time that the Olympic Games will be held in South America?

Did you know that it is the first time that the #Runningpiadas will be held?

That’s right, the Runator Runningpiadas are already here! For the first time ever, you can compete against elite athletes in official races.

You choose the distance:

runningpiadas_100m    runningpiadas_200m4 runningpiadas_100m runningpiadas_1500m runningpiadas_5Km runningpiadas_10Km runningpiadas_20Km runningpiadas_runator_42195m

When you register, you will receive your bib number to print out and wear for the race you choose–from August 5 to August 21, 2016, from anywhere in the world, only with your watch or running app.

You’ll be competing in a global ranking with runners all over the world, and of course with professional athletes as they go for the gold. What’s it like running the same race as Bruno Hortelano? Would you like to test the efforts made by athletes Carles Castillejo or Diana Martin?

And of course there will be prizes, only this time the most points will be earned by sharing on social networks. We love seeing your photos, so we want you to share on your social networks using the hashtag #Runningpiadas. Upload a photo running with your bib, or share your run from Runator–whatever you want, but be original! Those who get the most retweets or likes will be the winners of the exclusive #RunningPiadas Runator shirt.

Limited edition #Runningpiadas Shirt

Here are the points:

– 1 Favourite on Twitter -> 1 point
– 1 Like on Instagram -> 1 point
– 1 Like on Facebook -> 1 point
– 1 Retweet on Twitter -> 3 Points
– 1 Share on Facebook -> 3 Points


On the race website you can find all the details of the race. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@runator.com

See you in the ranking of the #Runningpiadas!

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